Weekly Dev Chat

Every Tuesday at 12pm Mountain Time

Past Hosts

A big thank you to our past hosts. We appreciate you volunteering your time and energy!

Dale Hagglund

My first paid programming job was a summer job for my high school, from which I learned that (a) good variable names are important, (b), algorithms are cool, and (c) you shouldn’t bid a fixed-price contract. After high school, I received as B.Sc. in Computer Science (1986) from University of Alberta and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (1988) from University of Victoria.

I have worked on “close-to-the-hardware” projects including high-performance networking, i/o, and computing systems for most of my career, but am now at INVIDI Technologies working on software to help content distributors and providers make best use of their available ad spots.

I enjoy writing software, and talking and thinking about how to write software better.

Birm Wais

I got into programming because I wanted to build an app for this startup idea I had. Turned out the app idea was terrible, but learning to code wasn’t. I’m still hacking around on projects and attempting to build Startups but I also work as a full stack developer at Punchcard Systems.

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