Weekly Dev Chat

Every Tuesday at 12pm Mountain Time

A casual weekly virtual chat mostly focused on web and software development

Weekly Dev Chat is a place to ask questions, hear different viewpoints, and get to know your fellow developers. Every week there is an initial topic posted to get the discussion started. Sometimes we discuss the initial topic the entire chat, and other times the topic changes several times through the natural flow of the conversation.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join as long as you are kind, supportive, and respectful of others.

How to Join the Weekly Dev Chat

The short version

  1. Install Zoom.
  2. Find the meeting link on the #meetup-weekly-dev-chat channel on Dev Edmonton Slack.
  3. Alternatively find the link on Weekly Dev Chat event on the Edmonton Unlimited’s Meetup group.

The longer version

The Weekly Dev Chat uses Zoom. If you don’t want to install Zoom you can use it directly in your browser instead.

The recommended way for getting the link for the Zoom meeting is by joining the Dev Edmonton Slack. The link will be posted every week in the #meetup-weekly-dev-chat channel. The #meetup-weekly-dev-chat channel is where you can post an initial topic suggestion. It is also used to continue the discussion once the chat is over.

You can join the Dev Edmonton Slack even if you don’t live in Edmonton and it’s free to join. Details on how to join the Dev Edmonton Slack and the organization can be found on their website.

A second option is to join the Edmonton Unlimited Meetup group. Once you join the group look for the Weekly Dev Chat event and the Zoom link will be shown when you register for the event.


Chris Cumming

Chris’s first computer was a Commodore 64 but he didn’t realize the true power of computers until he discovered he could create his own Doom levels. While he still enjoys computer games his focus has shifted to helping businesses ship high quality secure software faster via Saturday Morning Productions.

Chris also started and hosts the Weekly Dev Chat every Tuesday at 12pm MT. He also co-hosts the Legacy Code Rocks Virtual Meetup every Wednesday at 11am MT. Everyone and anyone, including you, is welcome to join either as long as you are kind, supportive, and respectful of others.

Azal Abedi

Azal is a self-taught developer who started to learn to code during the middle of the pandemic. His formal background comes from a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management from MacEwan University and 7 years in the private post-secondary education industry. He enjoys sharing knowledge he gained on his journey from solo-learning to actual on-the-job tech experience with the local developer community however he can. As of September 2021, Azal has been working as a developer at Go Auto.

Hugo Palomera

Hugo Palomera

Hugo is a back-end developer working at samdesk.io. He enjoys working with AWS, Terraform and Python, but also enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals and is always open to engaging in coffee chats to exchange knowledge and experiences. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him; he welcomes opportunities to connect with new people and foster meaningful connections within the industry.

Also a big thank you to our past hosts whose information you can find here.

Help and Sponsorship

The best way you can help the Weekly Dev Chat is to attend the events as kind, supportive, and respectful person you are. A close second is to share the Weekly Dev Chat with others who might be benefit.

We also need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks from helping with events, admin work, website maintenance, social media, etc. If you are interested in volunteering please reach out to Chris via email at chris.cumming@saturdaymp.com.

The final way you can help is by sponsoring SaturdayMP, the main Weekly Dev Chat sponsor, via GitHub sponsors. Saturday MP pays for Zoom, hosting, food for in real life (IRL) events, and other expenses.

If you have any other ideas for helping Weekly Dev Chat please give Chris a shout. Thank you for your help and support, it is much appreciated.


Saturday Morning Productions

Thanks to Saturday MP for providing hosting, Zoom, and more.

Dev Edmonton Society

Thanks to DES for providing a Slack channel.

Edmonton Unlimited

Thanks to Edmonton Unlimited for providing a Meetup Link.

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